Employee Code-of-Conduct Policy

Terms of Employment

1.Probationary Period

  • You will be on probationary employment for a period of 3 months. At the end of the probationary period, if the Company finds your services satisfactory, you will be given a confirmed appointment in writing. The probation period may be extended, or your appointment may be terminated, if your services are not found satisfactory, at the discretion of the management.

2. Mobility:

  • RMT reserves the right to transfer/utilize your services at its office as per company policy.

3. Background Check:

  • As a part of the joining formalities, the Company may, at its discretion, conduct background check to validate the identity, address, criminal records, education, and pervious employment details furnished by you. In the event that the background checks raise any concerns regarding your details, the Company reserves the right to ask for further evidence to substantiate the details provided to the company. If you are not able to substantiate these details to the Company, the Company reserves the right to terminate the offer of employment with appropriate action on the basis of information received or discovered is wrong and/or false. The company shall be within this absolute right to dismiss forthwith such Employee without any notice period or salary in lieu of notice period.

4. RMT Code of Conduct:

  • You are required to sign the RMT Code of Conduct and adhere to the same in your day-to-day conduct as an employee of RMT.
  • We at RMT are committed to ensure “Integrity” in all aspects of its functioning. Please ensure that you comply with the policies of the company as they form an integral part of the terms of employment at RMT. Consequently, you are required to understand the scope and intent of the policies and comply with them. These Policies are updated/ modified on a periodic basis and new Policies may be introduced from time to time. As and when this happens, the Company will notify you and you will be required to comply with the same.

5. Conflict of Interests:

  • You are required to engage yourself exclusively in the work assigned by RMT and shall not take up any independent or individual assignments (whether the same is part-time or full-time, in an advisory capacity or otherwise) directly or indirectly without the express written consent of your Reporting Manager.
  • You shall ensure that you shall not, directly or indirectly, engage in any activity or have any interest in, or perform any services for any person
  • The Conflict of Interests Policy also refers to the need on your part, during your employment and for a period of one year from the cessation of your employment with RMT (irrespective of the circumstances of, or the reasons for, the cessation) not to solicit, induce or encourage:
    • Any employee of RMT to terminate their employment with RMT or to accept employment with any competitor, supplier or any customer with whom you have a connection.
    • Any customer or service provider of RMT to move his existing business with RMT to a third party or to terminate his business relationship with RMT.
    • Any existing employee to become associated with or perform services of any type for any third party.
  • In case of any conflict or doubt, please discuss the matter with your reporting manager, understand the position of RMT and resolve the conflict.

6. Confidentiality:

  • You must not directly or indirectly, except in the proper course of your duties, either during or after the period of this employment, disclose to any third party or use for your own purposes or benefit or the purposes of any third party, any confidential information about the business of the Company and its dealings, customers, products, processes, trade secrets, transactions and affairs or that of any other member of the Group or of its customers or staff unless that information is public knowledge or you are required by law to disclose it.
  • For the avoidance of doubt confidential information includes but is not restricted to details of know- how relating to the design or manufacturing processes of any product manufactured or marketed/services by the Company or any other member of the Group.
  • You warrant and represent that any inventions, confidential information, discovery or copyright works conceived, originated, made or developed in the course of your employment will not, to the best of your knowledge and belief, infringe any intellectual property rights of a third party.

7. Final Agreement:

On or before termination of this contract of employment by notice or otherwise the Company may require you to confirm that you have:

  • Not breached the confidentiality/restriction provisions contained herein,
  • Realized and accepted that such provisions continue beyond termination of this contract.
  • Returned all Company property without keeping copies.

8. Law:

  • This Agreement is subject to the laws of India.

9. General:

  • In view of your position and office, you must effectively, diligently and to the best of your ability perform all responsibilities and ensure results. You will be expected to work extra hours to achieve the above whenever the job so requires. In this connection, you will be intimated beforehand of any compensation for the additional effort.
  • You are required not to engage in activities that have or will have an adverse impact on the reputation/ image and business of RMT, whether directly or indirectly.
  • We trust that you have not provided us with any false declaration or willfully suppressed any material information. Please note that you are required to inform us if there are any agreements, verbal or written, which you have entered into and which relate to your commitments under this Agreement.
  • These employment terms supersede and replace any existing agreement or understanding, if any, between RMT and you relating to the same subject matter.

10. Notice Period:

  • In case you chose to resign, you must serve a full 30-day notice period, in absence of which, the Company withheld your full and settlement along with Relieving formalities.

11. On Separation:

  • On acceptance of separation notice, you will immediately give upto the company before you are relieved, all correspondence, specifications, formulae, books, documents, cost of data, market data, Literature, drawings, effects or shall not make or retain any copies of these items.
  • We take pleasure in welcoming you to our Company and hope you will find professional and personal satisfaction in your association with us. Please return a copy of this letter duly signed by you as a token of your acceptance of the above terms and conditions, to the HR Division.

RMT Policies

Office Timings are 9:30am to 6:30pm, and 30 minutes buffer time is given to report i.e. every employee must be in office on or before 10am. However need to maintain 8 hours of work time and 1 hour of relaxation.

This is to inform that all employees are expected to fill their timesheets before the 05th of every month and will be approved by your reporting managers, if not the salary will be on hold.

Note: If the timesheets are filled post 05th (i.e in between 05 to 10th), salary will be       credited directly on the 15th of the month. or if the timesheets are filled post 10th, salary will be credited directly on 20th of the month.

Type of Leaves: (FY April 2024-March 2025)

Sick Leave: You are allocated a total of 12 leaves in a year April 2024 till March 2025. You can consume this leave in the same month they are accrued/credited but doesn’t get carry forwarded to next month.

Only One Sick leave is allotted in a month.

Casual Leave: You are Credited a total of 12 leaves in a year beginning April 2024 till March 2025 or as per your joining date. You can consume this leaves in the same year.

While your annual quota is 12(April 2024 till March 2025), However you can use a maximum of 2 casual leaves in a month with prior approval of the manager you are not eligible to consume all of those leaves right away.

From your available leave balance, a maximum of four or less casual leaves are carried forwarded to the fiscal year 2024-2025 from the previous fiscal year 2023-2024, but compensatory offs cannot be carried forward.

Comp offs: Comp offs must be manually informed to HR ONLY by the Reporting Manager prior to one day before.

Note to all the reporting managers, if comp off requests is not intimated at least 1 day prior to the day, they will NOT be considered.

Period Leaves: Under this policy, all women employees are entitled to 10 days of period leaves per year (April 24 to March 25), which can be taken in addition to their regular sick and casual leave. Not more than 2 period leaves can be taken at a time per month and there must be a minimum gap of 25 days between them.

Yearly break: Every employee is entitled to one week of break by utilizing their leave balance at any time during the fiscal year (1time in the year), provided they obtain approval from their manager and team at least one month in advance.

Other leaves: 

Marriage leaves: Are provided by RMT before or after the event and must be planned in advance, with notification to the reporting manager and team.

Maternity leave: Three months of leaves can be taken before or after the delivery with full pay. An additional three months can be extended, but the leaves will be without pay (LOP) with notification to the reporting manager and team.

Paternity leave: 15 days can be taken before or after the delivery with full pay.

Sandwich Leave: To ensure operational efficiency, employees will be permitted to take a “Sandwich leave” (leave between a holiday and a weekend) once a year. A separate record will be maintained for this purpose. This exception aims to accommodate employees away from home without affecting operations. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in Loss of Pay (LOP) for all four days.

Office Timings: As discussed, our official office hours are from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. We have incorporated a buffer time of 30 mins to allow employees some flexibility in reporting to the office. It’s crucial that each team member is present in the office before 10 am to ensure a smooth start to the workday.

Any late reporting beyond the specified buffer period will result in immediate loss of pay of half a day after 3 exemptions.

Log in/Login out: Login at the office is mandatory and only those will be considered for attendance. Even if you arrive on time but do not log in on time, it will be considered late.

Operates 5 days a week: You will be expected to attend the office – as assigned to you by your supervisor in compliance with laws in force as a Full-time employee, you may however be required to attend office on your off days if the business needs so demand. In such cases, you will be eligible for compensatory off according to company policy

At RMT, we have zero-tolerance for Sexual Harassment (as defined below link). We value every single Employee working at RMT and wish to protect their dignity. In so doing, we are determined to promote a working environment in which persons of both sexes work and complement each other as equals in an environment that encourages maximum productivity.

Please click on below link to refer our POSH Policy document: